West Marches: Koya

Random Generator for During Game

Race 1d10

  1. Tiefling
  2. Dwarf (1d4, Odd=Hill, Even=Mt.)
  3. Half Elf
  4. Halfling (1d4, Odd=Lightfoot, Even=Stout)
  5. Human
  6. Elf (1d4, Odd=Wood, Even=High)
  7. Gnome (1d4, Odd=Forest, Even=Rock)
  8. Half Orc
  9. Dragonborn (d10, Black, Blue, Brass Bronze, Copper, Gold, Green, Red, Silver, White)
  10. Roll again

Class 1d12

  1. Barbarian
  2. Bard
  3. Cleric
  4. Druid
  5. Fighter
  6. Monk
  7. Paladin
  8. Ranger
  9. Rogue
  10. Sorcerer
  11. Warlock
  12. Wizard

Random Trinkets 1d100

  1. A miniature, tame mimic
  2. A carved marble elephant
  3. A small round cactus with two eyes
  4. A pocket book of dwarven poetry
  5. A bronze box containing a tiny wooden owl
  6. A solid blue metal sphere, one inch in diameter, with three parallel grooves around the circumference
  7. A pouch containing ten dried peas
  8. A ceramic puzzle cube, with each face divided into four independently rotating squares enameled with astronomical signs
  9. A square of bear-beetle leather, a creature unique to the misty woods of Cix
  10. A sheet of vellum on which is crudely painted a herbal plant that you have yet to identify
  11. A petrified frog
  12. A twenty-sided die
  13. A cut yellow chrysanthemum that never dies
  14. A palm-sized iron cage: the door doesn’t shut properly, as the tiny lock was broken from the inside
  15. A blob of grey goo, sloppy but safe to touch, kept in a ceramic pot
  16. A dried sky lily, from the tip of the Godshead, an impossibly high mountain.
  17. A glowing blue-green line, six inches long, but with no discernible radius
  18. A pretty conch shell
  19. A scrap of paper on which is written, in Goblin, “My dearest Bess,”
  20. A keychain holding the head of a broken key
  21. An echo pearl from the depths of the Vibration Lake
  22. A toy crossbow
  23. Lip balm
  24. A fossil of an extinct many-limbed critter
  25. A brass prosthetic nose
  26. A corkscrew
  27. A dried poison gland of a jagged fish
  28. A bronze gear on which is etched the word “Moon”
  29. A map of a labyrinth, on which is penciled a line that starts at the centre but fails to connect to the entrance
  30. A cube of ice that never melts
  31. A square of ironsilk sewn by the geargrubs of ancient Siclari
  32. An ivory knitting needle
  33. A peacock feather
  34. A travel set of paints: someone has used up all the black
  35. A wig of short platinum-blonde hair
  36. A child’s charm bracelet
  37. A small bar of orichalcum, a metal only mentioned in ancient literature
  38. A deed to a ruined tower
  39. An invitation to a formal ball to be held in two years time
  40. A smoking pipe carved from granite
  41. A vial of scented oil
  42. A preserved basilisk eye
  43. A torn page on which is written “Death! / Plop. / The barges down in the river flop. / Flop, plop. / Above, beneath”
  44. An intricate knot that nobody seems to know how to tie or untie – sailors believe it to be bad luck
  45. Pages ripped out of an accounting journal of a local merchant
  46. A ring with a poison reservoir for slipping into drinks and a tiny razor edge for cutting purse-strings
  47. A glass globe of swirling green goop, no openings
  48. A bundle of ragged “treasure maps” drawn by inventive local children
  49. A sliver from a spear said to have pierced the armpit of a saint
  50. A portfolio of pressed flowers
  51. A small handbook of foreign coins, for travelers to identify denominations
  52. A slightly out of date guidebook to foreign inns, taverns, and transportation
  53. Six useless wooden tokens previously issued by a traitor-prince as currency
  54. Two false fingernails painted with mysterious symbols
  55. A set of cosmetic tools for cleaning the ears
  56. A harmless stage dagger with retracting blade and blood-compartment
  57. A floating glass orb that follows you around and makes whirring sounds
  58. A goblin-made key that can lock any door, but unlock none
  59. A translucent coin, minted in an unknown land
  60. A bronze ring engraved with dark symbols that was supposedly buried with a legendary necromancer long ago
  61. A ring carved with the unfinished insignia to a defunct secret organization
  62. A thimble on which is an enamel painting of a turtle
  63. A puzzle box holding 10 fingernail clippings
  64. A pair of badly worn hairdressing scissors
  65. A wax hand shaped to hold a large cup
  66. A measuring tape, marked in ink at 23 inches
  67. A seashell that is silent when held up to your ear
  68. A coprolite
  69. One piece of unknown paper currency with no obvious denomination
  70. A bootlace entwined with gold thread
  71. A dented sheriff’s badge
  72. A tiny bubble level that is calibrated incorrectly
  73. A belt buckle
  74. A letter of complaint to a toy shop owner
  75. A decorative leather stud
  76. A penny whistle that plays the same note no matter which holes are covered
  77. A ticket admitting an adult and child onto a thing called a “semiotic tram”
  78. A small glass vial holding three eyelashes
  79. A tub of putty
  80. A leather shoe made for a dog
  81. A doll head with no hair and poorly applied makeup
  82. A pewter spork
  83. Illustrated instructions on how to make a paper hat
  84. A clear glass dish with four round notches around the outside edge
  85. A wire circlet that bestows upon its wearer perfect posture
  86. A small hand-sized box covered with numbered buttons
  87. An empty whiskey tumbler that causes any liquid poured into it to become bourbon
  88. A book of flumph grammar
  89. A hunk of metal which appears to be several gears jammed together at unnatural and impossible angles: attempting to turn it causes it to emit a horrible shrieking sound
  90. A crystal prism that refracts shadow instead of light
  91. A smokeless and odorless candle
  92. A flat disc of layered metal and prismatic glass with a hole in the centre
  93. An ornate pewter tankard made without a bottom
  94. A wooden device designed to be gripped in two hands; two levers protrude from the top, and two triggers from the underside
  95. Two perfectly identical pine cones
  96. A sponge that can absorb 60 gallons of ale (and only ale)
  97. A pepper grinder containing an unlimited supply of pepper unless opened, at which point it becomes half empty
  98. A poorly cultivated bonsai juniper in a glazed ceramic pot
  99. An oval-shaped soapstone tablet inscribed with a short list of religious prohibitions
  100. A wooden doll with a door that opens to reveal a slightly smaller, identical, doll; this one is empty, perhaps there are still smaller dolls that are missing?

Random Semi-magic Loot (Cyphers) 1d20

  1. A jagged shard of topaz containing a mote of darkness. When held and activated, the cypher allows you to see through clothing and armor until you take a short rest.
  2. Cypher of Annihilation: A small shard of black stone or metal. When thrown, all matter within a five-foot radius is instantly sucked into a void and utterly destroyed.
  3. A broken platinum bracer on a leather cord. When thrown at a target, the cypher polymorphs it into a mouse, Con save negates.
  4. Clairvoyant’s Stone: A polished shard of translucent black crystal. When held and activated, the cypher allows you to project your sight until you take a long rest. You can project your point of view up to five feet in any direction, and through small openings such as a keyhole.
  5. A rosewood fragment on a leather cord. When held and activated, the cypher grants you advantage on Constitution checks until the end of the session.
  6. A slender shard of blue glass damaged by flame. When impaled into flesh, the cypher dissolves and increases your speed by 10 feet until you take a long rest.
  7. A broken hawthorn wand engraved with incoherent labyrinths. When held and activated, the cypher allows you to fly until the end of the session.
  8. A slender spindle of red glass on a leather cord. When impaled into flesh, the cypher dissolves and transforms you into a vampire until the end of the session.
  9. A broken iron rod engraved with incoherent labyrinths. When thrown at a target, the cypher wounds it (attack roll, 4d6 force damage).
  10. A jagged shard of blue glass smeared with crimson blood. When held and activated, the cypher allows you to teleport to a known location.
  11. A hydra’s tooth withered by magic. When held and activated, the cypher grants your weapon an additional 2d6 points of damage against giants until you take a short rest.
  12. A jagged shard of gray glass on a leather cord. When held and activated, the cypher animates a nearby object for 1d6 rounds.
  13. Card of the Star: An ivory card, marked with a star. When used, you gain a +2 bonus to any chosen ability score (max 20).
  14. A mangled platinum gauntlet engraved with alien symbols. When worn and activated, the cypher allows you to ignore difficult terrain until the end of the session.
  15. An obsidian shard engraved with glowing symbols. When thrown at a target, the cypher explodes into a burst of acid (2d6 acid damage, Dex save half).
  16. A jagged shard of white crystal on a leather cord. When held and activated, the cypher grants you advantage on Charisma checks until you take a short rest.
  17. A mangled scrap of silver chainmail on a leather cord. When worn and activated, the cypher grants you resistance to Slashing damage until you take a long rest.
  18. Clone Cypher: A jagged shard of diamond, inlaid with broken patterns of silver. When implanted into flesh, the cypher dissolves and emits a cloud of luminous smoke, which after a minute coalesces into a clone of you. Roll 1d10: 1-6 exact duplicate; 7 opposite gender, 8 four-year lifespan, 9 opposite alignment, 10 deformed monstrosity. The clone has no clothing or equipment.
  19. A hydra’s tooth engraved with arcane symbols. When held and activated, the cypher conjures a blade of lightning (2d8 lightning damage) for 1 minute.
  20. A jagged shard of white crystal on a leather cord. When held and activated, the cypher animates a nearby object for 1d6 rounds.

Random Art pieces

  1. An antique granite figurine of a castle, in poor condition (20gp)
  2. An antique ceramic amulet, of poor craftsmanship (20gp)
  3. A rough leather hat dyed in fiend blood (20gp)
  4. A strange pewter bowl, set with a malachite (70gp)
  5. A silvered jug of exotic elven ale (25gp)
  6. An ancient ceramic ring, inlaid with bone (40gp)
  7. An engraved crystal jewelry box, set with a perfect topaz. It glows with a soft blue light (900gp)
  8. An ornate carved wood tiara, set with an obsidian piece (50gp)
  9. An ugly ceramic plate, in bad shape (20gp)
  10. An ugly pewter ring, set with a beryl (50gp)
  11. A strange pewter ring, inlaid with copper (50gp)
  12. An antique ceramic necklace, inlaid with oak wood (50gp)
  13. A sturdy carved wood tiara, inlaid with bronze (70gp)
  14. An engraved carved wood plate, of low quality (25gp)
  15. An ugly leather cape with silver caltrop clasps (65gp)
  16. A sturdy marble tiara, inlaid with bone (125gp)
  17. A durable soapstone figurine of an owl, inlaid with copper (60gp)
  18. An ugly leather hat with secret pocket(20gp)
  19. A pair of strange wool gloves (20gp)
  20. A silvered flask of venerable dwarven beer (25gp)


Moody Moody

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